Hive Multizone Stat

Hive Multizone Stat

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For households that have more than one heating zone. Designed to work with the Hive Active Heating and the Hive Hub. Once a Hive Active Heating thermostat has been purchased for the first zone, the Hive Active Heating Multizone can be added to control extra heating zones.

Features geolocation to enable heating alerts and control heating from a mobile, tablet or laptop. Save energy and money by preventing the need to heat the whole house, instead just heat the required zone.

Functions include automatic frost protection and holiday mode to ensure heating is on prior to returning to the property or as and when required.

Child lock whereby a lock can be set on the app or thermostat. For each zone, includes heating and hot water boosts for up to 6 hours, and 6 daily heating and hot water time slots. Capable of supporting wet underfloor heating.


  • Suitable for All Boilers.
  • LCD Display.
  • Geolocation.
  • 6 Daily Heating & Hot Water Schedules in Each Zone.
  • Up to 6 Hours Heating & Hot Water Boost in Each Zone.
  • Holiday Mode.
  • Automatic Frost Protection.
  • Child Lock.
  • Compatible with Hive Active Heating & Hive Hub.